S.I.T. User Guide

This door-to-door local transportation pilot program utilizes reduced fare vouchers and local taxis companies to enhance the mobility of Montclair residents age 62 and older.  Seniors may ride to and from all destinations of their choice, but only within Montclair and in the blocks around Mountainside Hospital.

SIT Program — User Guide

  1. TAXI VOUCHERS: Taxi voucher booklets contain $30 worth of taxi vouchers (four $5 vouchers and ten $1 vouchers). There is a limited number of voucher booklets so please be considerate of others’ needs. You can only buy 2 booklets at a time. When you have used those booklets, you may purchase additional ones if available.  Taxi vouchers are not transferable and are non-refundable. Please treat the vouchers like you would cash and note their expiration date.
  2. ARRANGE YOUR RIDE: The inside front cover of your coupon book lists the taxi companies that are participating in this program. You should select a company that best serves your needs. A reservation is essential, so call the company directly at the number listed. Tell the dispatcher that you are using senior taxi vouchers and if you will need special assistance (due to using a walker, manual wheelchair etc.). Then, ask what the fare will be. To remain an eligible voucher user, schedule each ride with one taxi company, not multiple ones.
  3. TAKE THE TRIP: You should be ready to travel about 15 minutes before your scheduled pick-up time just in case a driver arrives early. When you enter the vehicle, let your driver know that you will be paying for your ride with the vouchers and the price of the trip you were told by the dispatcher.
  4. PAY FOR YOUR RIDE: After you arrive at your destination, pay the driver with vouchers equal to the exact fare for the ride. If you do not have the correct denomination of vouchers for the exact fare, pay the driver in cash for the difference. Alternately, you may choose to over-pay using vouchers but will
    NOT receive change.
    Tipping your driver (generally 15% or more) is encouraged, but vouchers cannot be used for this purpose.

If you have any problems with service, call the cab company directly. If the company cannot solve your problem or if you have any questions about the SIT Program, contact the Montclair Health Department at 973-509-4970.


Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is taxi service provided 24 hours everyday? Please check with the taxi company, as some companies operate around the clock and some end service in late evenings.
  2. May a senior be accompanied by other riders for a single fare? Yes, if you are traveling with others of any age (such as friends, family members, or acquaintances) to the same destination, you can use SIT vouchers to pay for the trip.  If there are more than four riders, be sure to inform the dispatcher when you make your reservation so they can inform you if and when an appropriately sized vehicle is available.
  3. For a birthday or holiday present, I would like to make a gift of a voucher booklet or two to a Montclair senior. May I, and if so, how?  Of course!  Anyone, regardless of age or residence, may purchase SIT vouchers as a gift for a Montclair senior.  Simply bring his/her name, address, and, if you know it, birth date to the Montclair Health Department office at Township Hall, complete an application, and pay the full value of $30 for each booklet.

Examples of Typical Taxi Fares

In Montclair, taxis do not have meters, but instead use a zone system.  Riders should expect that fares will be approximately the amounts shown below, but fares may vary somewhat between companies and exact origins/destinations.

Approximate one way fares between the following areas are:

► Bloomfield Ave (Mtc Center) & Mountainside Hospital  $7

► Bloomfield Ave & South End  $6

► Bloomfield Ave & Watchung Ave  $7

► Watchung Ave & Bellevue Ave  $6

► Bloomfield Ave & Bellevue Ave  $9

► Bloomfield Ave & Lower MSU Campus $12

► South End & Mountainside Hospital  $6

► Bloomfield Ave & SW Mtc (So. Mountain/Harrison/Stonebridge)  $7

► South End & Bellevue Ave  $13

► Alexander Ave & Mountainside Hospital  $10

SIT Program Statement

This is a pilot program and changes to terms and conditions (including temporary suspensions of voucher sales; modifications of procedures; and balancing distribution with funding availability) may be necessary in order to ensure an efficient operation.  Every reasonable effort will be made to notify participants of these changes; however please check http://www.scacmontclair.org regularly for program updates.

An initiative of the Township of Montclair and funded by Partners for Health Foundation.