Where can I find out about what is going on in Montclair?

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 montclair_logo August-September 2017 Edgemont Calendar
Edgemont Park House for Senior Activities is open Monday through Friday, 9am-1pm  and 2pm-3pm.  We are closed for lunch from 1pm-2pm.  Seniors are welcome to drop in, participate in existing programming, or develop programming of their own.  To sign up to receive the Lifelong Montclair newsletter, call 973-744-3278.

Final_design_concept_for_%22MILL%22_2-14-15_Layout_1 Lifelong Montclair

cropped-llm_treeicon.jpgTownship of Montclair Senior Citizens’ Advisory Committee
www.scacmontclair.org    (For SCAC’s Community Calendar of Senior Events click here)

Montclair Events and Township Notification System (METS)

Montclair Times – Home Delivery

Available to watch online at http://montclair.peg.tv, including the award-winning show, News & Views, which can also be viewed on channel 34 daily at 9:30am and 7:30pm.

Daily blog of news and events in the Montclair and the surrounding area.


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